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Financing Options Comparison

Compare the different financing options available to you for flight training. Each option has unique features to suit various needs and circumstances.

Financing OptionEligibility CriteriaProgram CoverageTime to CompleteCo-borrowerRepayment StartFunding DisbursementInterest
MeritizeIndividual application based on FICO score and other meritsFrom 0 to CFI18 months for 0 to CFI; 1 year if starting post-PPLPost-acceptance; affects rate onlyAfter finishing commercial or CFIOne-third or half of the total loan, based on financing amountBegins immediately
StratusCan apply with a co-borrower from the start; caters to various stages of flight trainingVarious stages from private pilot to CFI; tailored to individual training needsFlexible, adapts to individual training paceFrom the beginning; enhances loan optionsFlexible, based on individual agreementFlexible, based on student needs and school involvementVaries, competitive options tailored to the borrower's circumstances
Pilot FinanceFocus on FICO score for financing; best suited for hobbyistsOnly PPL or IFRNot specifiedNot applicableImmediately; does not defer during training; terms range from 18 to 72 monthsPaid directly to school after each lesson; loan grows with each lessonRates vary between 12% to 18%; repayment does not defer during training

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