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Why Renting a Plane is Better Than Buying One

If you are planning on getting your pilot license soon, you are probably facing the vital decision of buying a plane or renting one? Well there are many reasons as to why renting a plane is a much wiser decision. Here are just a few.

1) Better For Your Budget

Renting is much more affordable for those pilots in training or those that fly a low number of hours throughout the year. Once you’ve reached 100 hours of flying, then it would make sense to buy a plane. Nonetheless, keep in mind that buying a plane could cost anything between $15,000 and $100,000. Renting a plane can cause you, varying from company to company, anywhere from $150 to $500 an hour.

2) Great For Pleasure Cruising

You normally rent a plane by the hour, so it is perfect for leisure time flying. Watch the sunset or have a private lesson by renting a plane. Renting gives you the freedom to fly for any type of situation, business or pleasure.

3) Flexible Amount of Passengers

Renting will allow you to expand your aircraft to adapt to the changing number of passengers you will be flying, whether it's yourself, your family/friends, or business executives

4) Better Variety of Aircraft

When you rent, you’re able to pick from a fleet of aircrafts that provide a wide number of instrument options and flying capabilities. This will allow you to develop skills for multiple types of aircrafts, so you will have the knowledge of knowing how to fly many aircrafts. Best of all, it fits every mission profile.

5) Almost No Maintenance

When you rent, someone else does the maintenance, check-ups and detailing for the planes. You don’t have to worry about replacing parts, hiring mechanics or going through inspections.