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Double Check These Before You Fly

In order to have a successful flight you have to be confident that how and what you are flying is safe. It is crucial that you double check these few things before you fly. These few things could make the difference between landing in your desired destination and flying your last flight. Any aviation school or flight lesson instructor will agree that these are crucial.

Mandatory inspections

It is essential that you verify that all the required inspections of the aircraft have been met before you fly. Compromising your life and your passengers' because you flew outside of its inspection windows is not worth it. You don't want to have to explain why you flew an aircraft outside of mandatory inspections to the FAA either.

Required documents

Make sure you have all of your aircraft's required documents on board preflight. The acronym ARROW- Airworthiness, Registration, Radio Station License, Operating Manual, and Weight/Balance- will help you remember all you need.

The propeller

Check that both the leading and trailing edges of the propeller are smooth and have no cracks. In addition to the visual inspection, you can perform an audible test on composite props. Gently tap on the propeller from the hub to the propeller tip with a metal coin. If the tapping sounds hollow, your prop could be delaminated. You should have a mechanic check it out if this was to happen.