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A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an airline pilot looks like? Adventure and prestige certainly characterize their day to day. Knowing about an airline pilot’s daily life might just suffice in convincing you to become one as soon as possible.

Start your shift: Pre-Flight

The start of your shift varies depending on your seniority. Those who have been with airline companies for a longer period might have a more flexible schedule, especially when asking for days off, such as holidays, weekends,etc.. A junior pilot might have less privileges.

Arriving at the Briefing Room

An airline pilot will need to be in the briefing room at the designated airport an hour to an hour and a half before takeoff to meet with the crew. At this meeting, the pilots and the crew members discuss pre-flight plans.

Ensuring the Plane is Safe for Flight

You will have to review the maintenance status of your plane after receiving the appropriate paperwork from the flight service station and air traffic control. This will help be conscious about the potential problems that could arise and potentially ground the plane. You need to ensure all of the essential components are working perfectly, safety is your priority!

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