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Get to know our team.


Tomas Peralta

Chief Flight Instructor
Certificates & Ratings: ATP, 
FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, 

Commercial ASEL, AMEL, CFI, CFII

Tomas Peralta, the Chief Flight Instructor at Red Arrow Flight Academy, is a stalwart figure in the world of aviation, bringing with him a wealth of experience that spans over two decades. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Tomas's love for the skies was cultivated within a family deeply immersed in aviation. His father, mother, and sister, all proud private pilot certificate holders, laid the foundation for his soaring ambitions.

Tomas embarked on his aviation journey in 2001, simultaneously pursuing his college education. He combined academic excellence with flight training, earning his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. His quest for knowledge and achievement did not stop there; he went on to attain a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology.

Returning to the El Paso region, Tomas Peralta played a pivotal role as a founding member of Red Arrow Flight Academy. His impressive credentials include an ATP single engine land certificate, a commercial multi-engine aircraft certificate, and a Cirrus Vision Jet Type Rating. Additionally, he is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and holds a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) rating, a testament to his dedication to teaching and safety in aviation.

Tomas has not only flown but also owned a diverse range of aircraft, utilizing them for personal, training, and corporate purposes. His expertise and experience extend beyond the cockpit, earning him the esteemed roles of FAASTeam Representative and ABQ FSDO Designated Pilot Examiner.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tomas Peralta is a devoted warbird enthusiast and a valuable board member at the War Eagles Air Museum. Here, he shares his passion for aviation history and contributes to the museum's mission. An active volunteer, Tomas has been instrumental in the maintenance and operation of a TF-51 Mustang, preserving the legacy of these iconic aircraft.

Even outside the skies, Tomas remains a force to be reckoned with. In the winter months, he serves as a certified National Ski Patroller and Outdoor Emergency Care instructor, a testament to his commitment to safety and well-being in all aspects of life. Always by his side is his loyal German Shepherd companion, Belka, exemplifying his dedication to loyalty and partnership, whether in the skies or on the slopes.

Tomas Peralta's remarkable journey is a testament to his unrelenting pursuit of excellence in aviation, education, and service to the community. His legacy extends far beyond the cockpit, inspiring countless others to reach for the stars and explore the boundless possibilities of flight.


Elsa Peralta

Administrative Manager
Certificates & Ratings: 
Private Pilot Certificate, ASEL

(575) 201-6160 ext. 705

Elsa, carries the torch of her family's passion for flying. Drawing from her rich experiences, she has become a driving force behind the success of Red Arrow Flight Academy, where her talents shine brilliantly.
Currently, Elsa proudly holds a Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) for Airplane Single-Engine Land (ASEL), and her thirst for knowledge and skill in aviation continues to soar. She's set her sights on obtaining her instrument rating, an ambition that will further enrich her aviation journey.
Elsa's leadership prowess transcends the skies, as her roots extend into the automotive industry. Her career in quality control, project management, logistics, and general administration has honed her skills in managing complex operations and teams. Her journey of academic excellence culminated in a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from ITESM, a master's in international business from Pepperdine University, and an MBA from EGADE.
One of Elsa's remarkable assignments involved a pivotal role at Daimler AG, the parent company of the prestigious Mercedes-Benz. Here, she oversaw the integration of the supply chain system during Daimler AG's merger with Chrysler, showcasing her ability to handle high-stakes endeavors on a global scale. 
Elsa's multifaceted journey, blending aviation passion with astute leadership and a diverse skill set, exemplifies the power of determination and dedication. Her unwavering commitment to excellence continues to chart new horizons for herself and the institutions she serves, making her an inspiring figure in both aviation and business.


Jazmine Anaya

Dispatch Manager

(575) 201-6160 ext. 701

El Paso native Jazmine Anaya is a born adventurer with an insatiable passion for exploration. Born and raised amid the sun-drenched landscapes of Texas, Jazmine's heart has always been captivated by the allure of distant horizons and new frontiers.  In her pursuit of wanderlust, Jazmine has taken a remarkable leap into the world of aviation by becoming an integral part of the Red Arrow team as a dispatcher. Here, her dedication and enthusiasm for the skies have found a perfect platform to flourish.
Jazmine's journey in aviation is marked by her tenacity and ambition. She is a proud recipient of the EAA Chapter 1570 flight training scholarship, a recognition of her unwavering commitment to taking flight. As a student pilot, she is in the process of transforming her dreams of flight into a soaring reality.  Her introduction to the world of aviation represents a pivotal moment in her life, one that promises to open up a world of opportunities and adventures. Jazmine's journey is a testament to the power of following one's passion, even when the path may seem distant and uncertain.
As she continues to explore the boundless skies, Jazmine Anaya serves as an inspiring example of someone who dares to chase their dreams and embrace the thrilling unknown of aviation. Her story is one of determination, ambition, and the endless possibilities that the world of flight has to offer.

Red Arrow Cessna_Red Arrow Icon.png

Danielle Nelson


Danielle's journey into the world of aviation is a testament to the power of dreams and determination. Graduating high school just this year, she wasted no time in taking the plunge into the aviation industry, making a resounding impact at Red Arrow.  Her journey towards the skies began when she met a U.S. Army helicopter pilot during her junior year. This fateful encounter ignited a spark within her, redirecting her life's course. Initially, Danielle had aspirations to pursue a career in the medical field, but the allure of aviation proved irresistible.
As a student pilot at Red Arrow, Danielle is taking her first steps toward realizing her dream of becoming a pilot. Her determination to learn and excel in the world of aviation is nothing short of inspiring. She is driven by a deep-seated passion for flight, and there's no looking back on the path she's chosen. Danielle has set her sights on an ambitious goal - to become an instructor right here at Red Arrow once she completes her flight training. Her commitment to passing on her knowledge and love for aviation to future pilots is a testament to her dedication.
While the exact direction her aviation journey will take her after instructing remains undecided, one thing is certain: Danielle wants to continue flying. Her desire and motivation to achieve her goals shine brightly, and Red Arrow is proud to have her as an integral part of the team. Danielle represents the embodiment of dreams taking flight, and her journey is a source of inspiration for all who share her passion for aviation.


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