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Obtain your M-1 visa and convert your foreign pilot license

M-1 Visa for International Students

How to Obtain an M-1 Visa with Red Arrow Flight Academy.

Step 1: Application

  1. Fill out the Application form to request your I-20. Ensure all information matches your identification exactly.
  2. Fill out the Credit Card Authorization form and email it with your Application form to
    1. The Credit Card Authorization form covers I-20 shipping, training material, registration charges, and a $500 security deposit.
    2. The security deposit is charged upon completing your training.
    3. Please note: You must maintain a positive account balance while in training. The security deposit does not count towards your balance.
    4. If you have to cancel your training date, you may forfeit some or all of your deposit:
    5. Cancellation more than 30 days in advance: $500 refund.
    6. Cancellation 30-20 days in advance: $400 refund.
    7. Cancellation 19-10 days in advance: $200 refund.
    8. Cancellation 9-0 days in advance: $0 refund.
  3. Download all files below:
    1. International Student Requirements (M-1)
    2. Affidavit of Financial Support
    3. Financial Declaration

Step 2: Obtain Visa

  1. Upon receiving your I-20 by mail, pay the SEVIS processing fee of $235
    1. Log on to .
    2. Fill out Form I-901
    3. Pay the fee by credit card.
    4. Print a copy of the payment for your records.
  2. Make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate and pay the fee over the phone via credit card.

Step 3: TSA Requirements

  1. Email before proceeding.
  2. Enroll on FTSP and apply for training requests based on your chosen program.
    1. Provider: Red Arrow Aviation, Santa Teresa, NM
    2. Training request course names:
      • Private Pilot (PPL01)
      • Instrument Rating (INS01)
      • Commercial Rating (COM01)
    3. Training Request Aircraft Type: Cessna 172
    4. Training Request Category: 3 (three)
    5. Training Request Date: One-year period (i.e., 10/01/21 to 10/01/22)

These specific details are crucial for a seamless TSA application process, ensuring accurate enrollment with Red Arrow Flight Academy for your chosen training program.

All training requests are valid for 365 days from the date the candidate receives AFSP approval to train. After 365 days, a candidate must submit a new training request for any additional training he/she wishes to take, regardless if the training is on the same certificate or type rating.

Once a candidate receives AFSP approval to train, he/she must begin training within 180 days and finish within 365 days of the approval date or must cease training on that request.

​Upon acceptance as a candidate, the TSA will direct you to be fingerprinted.

Step 4: Travel Arrangements

  1. Purchase airline tickets to El Paso International Airport (ELP) or Ciudad Juarez International Airport (CJS) if coming from Mexico.
  2. Explore housing options on
  3. Arrange rental cars; Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available with a local contact at 915-779-2260.

Important Note: If you have a history of arrest or court appearances, additional paperwork is required.

Convert Your Foreign Pilot License

Follow these steps to fly in the United States:

  1. Create an IACRA account.
  2. Fill out FAA Form 8060-71 in IACRA (Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License and Medical Certification Form).
  3. Submit completed forms and required documents (Private Pilot Certificate/License and Medical Certificate) to IACRA.
  4. Receive a Letter of Authenticity and Obtain an FAA Medical Certificate if you do not already have one from your country of issuance.
  5. Submit an 8710 form through IACRA after you receive a Letter of Authenticity.
  6. Schedule an appointment with the FSDO or an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, bringing along your passport, Identification Card, Pilot License, and Medical Certificate from either the FAA or the country of original issuance.
  7. The FSDO or DPE will verify all documentation and issue a temporary airmen certificate based on your foreign license.

*For any further questions, please contact .

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