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FAA Testing Center

Take your FAA test here!

If you need to schedule an FAA test you need to contact PSI directly.

As a pilot/future pilot, you will need to take an FAA written test. At Red Arrow, we have that solved for you. Our facilities offer a designated area reserved only for writing tests to allow for a stress-free testing experience.


 The tests that we are authorized to give:


 • Airline Transport Pilot

 • Aviation Maintenance Technician

 • Commercial Pilot/ Military Competency

 • Flight Engineer

 • Flight Ground/Sports/Pilot Instructor

 • Instrument Rating

 • Parachute Rigger

 • Private and Recreational Pilot

 • Sports Pilot

 • Unmanned Aircraft Systems


The testing center is located at Red Arrow Flight Academy. The school is located at Doña Ana Airport, and you will need to go through a security gate to gain access to the school. Please contact the school directly at (575) 201-6160 before your testing date for further instructions. Office hours are Monday - Sunday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

For scheduling, please go to the PSI True Talent web page:


To Schedule go to PSI website

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