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Life Takes Off When Fear Is Left On The Ground.


Take the first step into becoming a pilot with a 30-minute intro fight in one of our Cessna 172's. In these thirty minutes, you will be able to control the plane under one of our instructors' supervision.


put your skills to the test

Get to learn the basics of flying with a 30-minute session in our full-motion simulator. After learning the basics, put your skills to the test with a 30-minute flight.⁠


Special Occasion

Enjoy the view around El Paso to celebrate a special occasion for two people. If it’s a birthday, a romantic date, or just for the fun of it, book a 1-hour flight and experience flying and the city like never before.


-Vanessa Merica


Amazing experience for my 16 year-old and future pilot!

-Vanessa Merica

All of the Red Arrow crew are consummate professionals, with a most impressive record of successfully producing private pilots. An excellent learning environment and a whole lot of fun!! Call to book your intro flight today

-Eddie Ortega

review 3.jpg

Great school, very friendly and experienced staff and instructors, highly recommend it! Great and fun place to learn to fly!

-Nick Neufeld

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