Why Flying in the US is First-Rate

by Tomas Peralta

2 min read ·

The aviation industry is no joke, with international airlines such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and China Airlines boasting some great benefits for their teams of pilots. Yet a significant handful of international flight students choose to earn their credentials here in the United States, and some even end up staying to pursue a career in aeronautics. What exactly is it that makes flying in the US so attractive?

Training is (more) affordable.

Ok, so there’s nowhere in the world where GOOD flight training is necessarily cheap. Piloting an aircraft is a tough job that takes intense training and requires expensive equipment, so any potential student should be prepared to shell out some money. That being said, places like Europe are notorious in the aviation industry for their ultra-expensive flight training, which is why some prospective pilots choose to study in the United States.

The weather’s great.

You probably know by now that weather conditions are one of the most important facets of piloting an airplane. That’s one of the reasons why flying in the US is so alluring, especially to international pilots. Countries like England (notoriously rainy), Russia (insanely cold), and The Democratic Republic of Congo (thunderstorm capital of the world) bear unpredictable climates that can be extremely difficult to fly in. The United States is big, so the weather is diverse, but it presents regions like Florida and Southern California, where flying conditions are ideal pretty much year-round.

Regulations are consistent across huge distances.

Another benefit to the United States’ colossal stretches of land is that pilots can fly longer distances without worrying about any changes in national flight regulations or language barriers. The rules and customs of the aviation industry vary from country to country, so flying over multiple countries in one go can be stressful for some pilots. Flying in the US, a pilot could span across 2,800 miles with complete consistency, whereas in places like Europe and North Africa, they would cross over the borders of several countries in the process.

Aviation careers are plentiful.

The demand for pilots in the United States is huge right now, making it one of the securest career options of the aviation industry. Commercial aviation is just the tip of the iceberg here- pilots can work for mainstream airlines, private clients, or even as mail carriers. In other words, if you can fly a plane, there will always be a job for you.

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