Top Pilot Rules

by Cecilia Otero

2 min read ·

No matter what level in aviation school you are currently enrolled in, you should live your life according to these top pilot tips. As a student pilot, guiding every flight with these laws will allow you to experience a more successful flight.

  1. Keep Calm, Navigate, and Communicate

It is crucial for you to remain calm, especially in times of emergency. Many pilots forget to fly because of their undivided attentions to fixing the problems at hand. Your companions will help you resolve the issue. A pilot tip: Act first, evaluate your surroundings, and then call home!

  1. Always have an Exit

Never enter a situation in which you do not have an exit strategy. You can plan alternative routes, pack extra fuel, and be on the lookout for an emergency landing spot, even when there is no emergency. Make sure that you always have another option incase things do not go your way.

  1. Everything needs Fuel

Nothing flies without fuel. This includes yourself. Hence, you can not fly without food or even a couple cups of coffee. It is crucial that every student pilot’s system is functioning perfectly in order for the flight to be successful.

  1. Landing is Mandatory

Taking off is optional, but landing is mandatory. Make sure that whenever you take off, you have a plan to land. In other words, don’t start a project unless you can follow through.

  1. Don’t fly in Clouds

In aviation school, you will learn everything do with the weather. Nonetheless, it is always better to avoid the turbulence, rain, storm, or low visibility that could come with the clouds. Try to keep your flight as safe as possible.

  1. ”Stay Ahead of the Plane”

In other words, always know exactly where you are and where you are going. A pilot is always preparing for its next move, especially for the airplane’s arrival. This is one of the most important pilot tips a student pilot can learn at aviation school. Preparing for the future will allow you to have a more comfortable present.

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