The Best Career Option of the Decade: Pilot

Tomas Peralta

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You may be aware of the plethora of advantages to having a pilot’s certificate. Without the stress and hassle of commercial air travel, a whole world of freedom and flexibility presents itself to you. What’s even more enticing about learning to fly a plane is that it unlocks the opportunity for a career in aviation.

The aviation industry has some of the best career options out there, with amazing career opportunities for pilots specifically. This is a great time to become a pilot- With over 30,000 mainline carrier pilots expected to retire in the next ten years, the demand for commercial pilots is astounding.

Here are four reasons why you should consider a career in aviation.

  1. You’ll have job security.

As mentioned before, the demand for mainline carrier pilots is huge right now, making it one of the best career options in the aviation industry in terms of job security. That being said, commercial aviation is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing career opportunities for pilots. Essentially speaking, if you can fly a plane, there will always be a job for you. This could be as a commercial pilot for a mainstream airline, a private pilot, or even a mail carrier.

  1. The pay is great.

A pilot’s salary depends on three main factors: The company or airline they’re with, the type of aircraft that they’re flying, and how long they’ve been at that company or airline. With that in mind, the median annual salary for a pilot on a large jet is just over $121,000. Most carriers today start pay at around $35 per hour. Captains can expect to earn up to $65 an hour within their first year.

  1. You’ll see the world.

The very nature of a pilot’s occupation is traveling, so seeing the world is a no-brainer. A big reason that makes being a pilot one of best career options is the amazing opportunity to travel that comes with it. It’s not easy- A lot of travel time gets spent in airports or sleeping off jet lag. But long-haul pilots often get to enjoy a handful of days off in exotic destinations, giving them time to explore new and exciting places. Additionally, pilots get tons of travel perks, both for themselves and for their family members.

  1. It’s about as exciting as a job can get.

The aviation industry has a diverse line of work, but one thing sets these amazing career opportunities for pilots apart from other jobs. When you get down to it, being a pilot is just plain exciting. The profession provides a unique sense of freedom and leadership, which is incredibly appealing to anybody with a bold sense of adventure. Pilots get to travel the world, enjoy breathtaking views daily, and be a part of the incredible aviation community.

Are you interested in becoming a pilot?

The advantages to getting your pilot certificate are nothing short of life changing. Whether you want to fly as a hobby or you’re interested in a career in aviation, get a head start at Red Arrow Flight Academy. We offer exceptional flight training to safely and efficiently help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at (575) 201-6160, or contact us via our website.