Mistakes Every Student Pilot Makes

by Tomas Peralta

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Student pilots make mistakes, just like anybody else. Nonetheless, it is essential that you learn from them and listen to any tips from the aviation school to help prevent these mistakes. Don’t be discouraged. Keep on flying!

Rushing or skipping checklist items

Missing checklist items is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Hence, it is crucial to demonstrate the importance of being methodical and slowing down.

Exiting the runway too fast.

Especially in cases when ATC requests an expedited exit from the runway, students could get a little over-confident with their speed control.

Over-controlling the airplane.

Over-correcting for mistakes further aggravates the situation. Don’t worry! With practice, students will usually get better at making small, correct inputs to fix their mistakes.

Not thinking before keying the mic on the radio.

Before you key the mic on the radio, think about what you need to say. When a new student forgets to think first, New students may end up rambling or sounding completely unsure of themselves if they forget to think first.


By the end of their training, student pilots can become over-confident and may begin to push the limits of their knowledge or skills, leading to unforeseen mistakes. Confidence is great, but over-confidence is dangerous.

Showing up unprepared for a flight lesson.

A few questions about the lesson’s maneuvers or topics make it quite clear if a a student isn’t prepared. Sometimes it’s better to cancel the lesson at the aviation school and give the students a chance to make it up another day.

Continuing an unstable approach.

A safe go/no-go point for continuing an approach to landing is tough to learn. Student pilots occasionally attempt to “save” bad approaches well past the point of a normal go-around. The CFI has to teach the student what’s safe or recoverable vs. appropriate for a go-around.

Focusing too much attention inside vs. outside

Student pilots might have a tendency to focus more on instruments vs. exterior visual indications to determine pitch, bank, and roll. It is important to develop basic flight skills without instruments, so try covering them up!

Forgetting an instrument hood.

It’s hard to get flight lessons done without your view limiting device! Aviation schools advice you to never forget it!

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