5 Reasons Pilots Have the World's Best Job

Tomas Peralta

2 min read ·

In times that have kept us so distanced for so long, it might be the perfect moment to get your wings. Becoming a pilot will allow you to widen your horizons and explore the world while also getting so many more benefits. It is without a doubt the world’s best job.

Pilots Make Good Money

You’ll be able to enjoy a dream job, exploring the most astonishing corners of the world while navigating the skies and getting paid. According to the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), the average salary for a pilot is $103,820.61; starting salary of $47,310.66 and a top end around $183,939.00. So, yes, professional pilot jobs pay pretty well! (and it could be tax free!)

  • Air traffic controller -$122,410
  • Pilots - $105,720
  • Flight Attendant - $76,809
  • Baggage handler - $28,902
  • Aerospace engineer - $108,234
  • Aircraft mechanic- $60,270

Adventures to Last a Lifetime

The sole fact that pilot professionals get to travel the world while getting paid should be enough to convince many to acquire a flying job. Imagine being able to see a new part of Earth every single day. You could wake up in New York, stop for lunch in Prague, and go to sleep in Moscow. The food is not only delicious in the different locations of which you land, but also in the sky. Pilot professionals get their own meal and it’s more varied. It is your sense of adventure that will propel you to experience working in a job that is never the same as the day before.

Benefits Not Only For You, But For Your Family

Professional pilot jobs offer health, life, dental, and vision insurance. You would receive a retirement plan and paid vacation time, sick days, holidays, and other personal time off benefits. Most companies also offer a per diem to cover food and other expenses. You are not flying all the time, you could have around 10 days off a month. By becoming a pilot, your family will also be able to enjoy free travel, whether its business or pleasure. Even after retirement, many pilots continue to receive free or reduced travel expenses.

The Best Office View

Not even the highest skyscraper can offer the incredible view that a pilot’s office offers. The light-filled cotton clouds that fill the ever changing sky surround the plane. Your view is of the clear blue oceans, powerful mountains, neverending deserts, vibrant rainforests, and all the other environments you visit. You’ll have the best office view you could have ever asked for while you wear the most distinguishable uniform that your 5 year old self only dreamt of.

Your Coworker Will Always Be Someone You Like

Pilot professional jobs don’t have to deal with annoying colleagues. Airlines have developed and implemented a “Do Not Pair” system in which you don’t have to spend hours in a confined space with someone that you dislike. All you have to do is add the name of the colleague you would prefer to not work with and the system will ensure that you are never assigned together. Your time in the plane will be even more enjoyable with the people that you like.