Benefits of Airline Pilots

Tomas Peralta

2 min read ·

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Victoria Falls in Zambia, or Venice, Italy might be on your bucket list as some places you wish to visit. The world is composed of so many astonishing places that a lifetime wouldn’t last to visit them all. Or would it? Well, becoming a pilot might not allow you to see every beautiful corner of the world, but it will certainly get you closer to that goal. Nonetheless, if you think the only perk of becoming a pilot is traveling the world, you are very mistaken.


Becoming a pilot offers health, life, dental, and vision insurance. You would receive a retirement plan and paid vacation time, sick days, holidays, and other personal time off benefits. Most companies also offer a per diem to cover food and other expenses. You are not flying all the time, you could have around 10 days off a month.


According to the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), the average salary for a pilot is $103,820.61; starting salary of $47,310.66 and a top end around $183,939.00. Pretty good! (and it could be tax free!)

  • Air traffic controller -$122,410
  • Pilots - $105,720
  • Flight Attendant - $76,809
  • Baggage handler - $28,902
  • Aerospace engineer - $108,234
  • Aircraft mechanic- $60,270


The opportunity to see the world while getting paid doesn’t come every day. It is your sense of adventure that will propel you to experience working in a job that is never the same as the day before.Wake up in New York and go to sleep in Prague. But you are not the only one that benefits from these pilot perks. By becoming a pilot, your family will also be able to enjoy free travel, whether its business or pleasure. Even after retirement, many pilots continue to receive free or reduced travel.

Elevate your sense of freedom,power, adventure. Explore the world and its beautiful cultures while receiving all the pilot benefits. You’ll have the best office view you could have ever asked for and a uniform that your 5 year old self only dreamt of.

Although becoming a pilot might not be your childhood dream, it is sure to fulfill many other dreams. By getting your wings, you’ll be closer to reaching the sky (not only literally). Start learning how to pilot today!