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3 Tips for Your Pilot Certificate

With everything going on in the world right now (Coronavirus, I’m looking at you), getting a pilot certificate is likely the last thing on your mind. It makes sense- An unexpected deadly pandemic does tend to be overwhelming.

The thing is, without your usual life to keep you busy, there’s probably some extra time on your hands. Plus, what better way to brighten a world full of bleak news than to try something new and exciting?

If you’ve had your eye on aviation school before, this might just be the perfect time to get into it. Here are three tips for pilot training in the age of COVID (and in general).

1. Be Tenacious

So you’ve been thinking about aviation school, and you’re wondering what you need to qualify for a pilot certificate. There’s something you should know… It’s not easy. But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge?

Pilot training takes just as much effort as you’d expect. You’re going to need to prepare yourself for multiple exams. They’ll vary in subjects like aviation medicine, aerodynamics, radio communication procedure, flight regulations, and more. You’re also going to need up to 40 hours of flight time.