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Flight Experience

Everything you need to know to get started


Schedule an appointment and try out one of our Flight Experience Packages.



Designed to give the guest a taste of what flying is all about. The flight consists of a 30-minute experience during which you will be at the controls of one of our Cessna 172 planes under the supervision of one of our flight instructors. Experience Flying today.

Price $155
Prices are subject to change.



A great introduction into flight training. It includes a 30-minute session in the full motion simulator where you will learn basics flying skills, followed by a short preflight walk around and a 30-minute flight in one of our Cessna 172 planes, so you may put your new skills to work.

Price $225

 *Prices are subject to change.

Flight Waiver

If you are interested in taking one of our flight experience packages, please give us a call to purchase and schedule your flight. To save time download and fill out this waiver and email it to before your flight.

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