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What is an Intro Flight?

It is a short flight to see if you like the flying experience. An instructor takes you up and lets you fly the plane. He / She explains what to do and what will happen. It is meant to be a fun experience. To schedule an Intro flight, simply call to book your date and time. If you want to take someone else with you that is possible depending upon the weight limitations of the plane. Just tell us what you want to do, and we can help you figure out the best option.

I don’t know how to get started. What do I do to enroll at Red Arrow?

Enrollment is very easy. You can start the process from your home just fill out our application and send us via email all the required material. If you are in the area and want to stop by, you need to bring you proper identification (driver’s license or other photo ID and either your passport or birth certificate as proof of citizenship. When you arrive at the office the front desk customer service representative will have you fill out some paperwork to put you into our online system. Then it is just a matter of getting your kit so that you may begin you online training at home program. Once you complete all your paper work we can set you up with an instructor who will then guide you through the rest of the program.

I am interested in using my VA Benefits directly with Red Arrow. Can I do that?

We are currently in the process of getting all the certification requirements to receive VA Benefits

Can I only fly during office hours?

No. Flight instructors and rental pilots can fly anytime. You just need to schedule through our dispatch to find a schedule that suits your needs.

Will Red Arrow hire me as a flight instructor once I complete all my training?

Yes, we are always looking for flight instructors. And who best to teach new students than instructors that have been trained by Red Arrow.

When is the business office open?

Our office is open 7 days/week. Mondays-Sundays 7:30 am – 1:00 pm; Saturdays & Sundays 7:30 am – 1:00 pm. All flights are scheduled through dispatch or through our scheduling system and can be scheduled during hours other than office ours.

Does Red Arrow require a down payment and for students to sign contracts for training?

No, you pay as you go. Red Arrow wants students to stay with us because they want to be here, not because students are stuck in a contract.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilot?

To get your Private Pilot License, which is the first license you will need in order to begin flying it costs between $15,000 and $18,000. To become a profsional pilot and be able to get paid to fly you need to become a commercial pilot. It costs approximately $84,000 to become a commercial pilot when starting with no previous experience or $67,000 when starting with a private pilot certificate.

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